Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jump ropes for the kids at Rising Star

Sydney learned how to make jump ropes out of rubber bands at church last week. Sheila Agnew taught her, and she learned from some children in the Phillipines. Sydney was able to make jump ropes by tieing a series of rubber bands together. We will collect rubberbands and bring them with us so that Syd can teach the children there how to make thier own jump ropes.

Upcoming PCA Presentation

Kendall and Sydney are going to be showing a short film on Rising Star Outreach at their school this next week on May 28th. They will also be handing out a flyer with the items we are trying to collect to bring with us to India. Items include: blue ballpoint pens, colored markers, colored papers, jump ropes, bean bags and white sticker labels in all shapes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Ready To Go

I can't believe how soon we are leaving for India. We are getting excited and a little nervous about getting everything done in time.

We are going to be spending 10 days in India. We will be working at the Rising Star Outreach's school for the children of leprosy affected people. The school is located about 2 hours inland from Chennai, in southern India. It will be a great experience to serve others while learning more about India, thier culture and the people. We are expecting extreme heat and to be sleeping and working in a very different environment then we are used too. We look forward to the challenge and know that it will be a worthwhile and valuable experience.