Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jump ropes for the kids at Rising Star

Sydney learned how to make jump ropes out of rubber bands at church last week. Sheila Agnew taught her, and she learned from some children in the Phillipines. Sydney was able to make jump ropes by tieing a series of rubber bands together. We will collect rubberbands and bring them with us so that Syd can teach the children there how to make thier own jump ropes.


Steve Hargadon said...


Is this how you made them?

It would be interesting to see a picture of what a rubber-band jump rope looks like, and how you put one together.

Karen Marriott said...

They are so easy to make. You loop two rubber-bands through each other and then loop another two through the top loop. They bought some dowels and srews to hook to the end of the jump rope, or you could just tie off a couple of bands at the ends and just hook them around your fingers and jump. They are fun to make, try it!