Sunday, June 8, 2008

Collections for the school

Kendall and Sydney have given two presentations about Rising Star and our upcoming trip. We hope to raise awareness about Rising Star Outreach and let people know how they can help support the school. We have given out a list of items that we are trying to collect to bring over with us to India.

Items include: mulit-colored markers, watercolor or acrylic paints in tubes, paint brushes in all sizes, colorful construction papter, small beanbags- about the sice of oranges, jump ropes, plain white label stickers in all sizes, plain blue ballpoint pens.

If anyone wants to donate items that lives in Park City, please respond to this post and we will come and pick up the items before we leave. We appreciate all those that have made donations. We are looking forward to giving these items to the children. Thank you!

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