Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24

Today is our second say at Rising Star. My family and the Bertha family had the opportunity to start building a goat shed in one of the small colonies. We picked up engineer/architect/ mason at his hut on the way to the colony along with his measuring tools: stick and rope.
After a long car ride we were greeted at the colony by smiles and waves as we visited the leprosy affected people. We started to dig the foundation of the hut, or 9 holes, with some metal rods. As I dug with the rod loosening up the hard ground, my mom/building buddy, was on her knees scooping dirt from the hole. Luckily there was a breeze that helped keep our body temp down; approximately 101.5 degrees!
After "securing" the posts with rock and spare dirt, we took a lunch break inside the colonies small church. Then we snapped on a smile and went back to working lashing the branches and cement posts.
Much effort, time, love and sweat was put into helping build the first stage of the goat shed. It was fun and rewarding to see the lepers helping us out as well. It was a good, yet hot day.

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david said...

sounds like your building some muscle haha