Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well today was amazing! We did all kinds of things, which my mom wrote about, so I will tell you what I thought. India is so different than the Untied States. Walking down the streets people are so friendly and the children are as cute as ever, although it is sad to see many of them on the side of the roads begging. It was so fun to go to the flower market, to see the different exotic fruits and pretty flowers. It is different to see people walking barefoot through the streets in the mud and thin sandles in their colorful gorgeous saris. It is also so different to be here, but it is so fun to see all the different things and know that we are a world away from home- it is very exciting!


david said...

sounds awesome syd!! keep writing im reading it all! hope your having fun.. :)

Steve Hargadon said...

Hi, Sydney! Since I got you guys blogging, I want to make sure you get a response! And look at that--David replied! :)

Are you able to eat the fruit? What about other food? Do you have to be careful with the water? And do you like Indian food?

kendallb said...

Hey David and Brother Hargadon! thank you guys so much for commenting on things while we were away! we just got back yesterday!

And: no we couldn't eat fruit that we couldn't peel ourselves. and we could drink the water or ice cubes or any dairy. We had to wash our teeth with Evian water bottles every morning and night! haha and the indian food was actually pretty good! excpecially in Dehli. that was the best Indian food we had the whole time!! haha

Steve Hargadon said...

Yes, I got very, very sick once in Mexico. I'd tried to be careful, but I had a drink with ice in it, got a bad bug, then had a stomach infection--and that's why I can't digest milk now. It's hard to be so careful, but important.

The blog posts from your trip have been fascinating to read, and truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.