Monday, June 16, 2008

Packing up

I have spent the last few days packing up. We have a couple bags with collected items for the children: jump ropes, rubberbands to teach the kids how to make jump ropes, pens, markers, art supplies, construction paper and paint brushes. We have a bag of food and snacks that we will take to the school with us, since we will get only 1-2 meals a day and might be hungry for more while we are at the school and in the colonies working. We have enough medical supplies to cure anyone of anything that might hit them while we are gone, and portable fans, flashlights and other comforts.

We had to purchase some long skirts for touring and teaching and some thin long shorts for working and loose fitting shirts to keep us cool. We want to make sure we are appropriately dressed as to not offend, while keeping ourselves as cool as possible. Heat is the only thing I am afraid of, since we haven't even had an 80 degree day yet here in Park City and we are expecting over 110 degrees in India!

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