Friday, June 20, 2008

On our way, Paris for a day

We arrived in the early afternoon and made the most of our layover. We immediately walked to Tuileries Gardens and had lunch and then strolled down to Notre-Dame and had a crepe at our favorite creperie, nutella and banana. After a nice walk in ideal weather, we came back to our hotel and had a nap- we are all very tired.

This evening we went to visit one of my good friends from Holton, Kim Gorland-Hirsch. It was great to see her home in Paris. She has done such a beautiful job converting part of a former school into a lovely, contemporary 4 story home. It was so nice to catch up and visit with her children too. (Juliette is pictured above with Kim)

We are heading to bed and then will catch our nonstop flight to Chennai tomorrow morning early.We arrive in Chennai after midnight tomorrow, so we hope to write about our day in Chennai on Sunday night. We are grateful for a layover to start our adjustment to the big time change. We are 8 hours ahead now and will be, I think, 12 hours ahead once we are in India. Good night, or good morning.

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Steve Hargadon said...

I love what you're doing with your blog. Good work.

I don't know if I asked you if you use, but it's a great way to get your photos online--both for backup and for showing others. You'll have plenty keeping you busy, and you may not have the bandwidth there to easily upload photos, but just in case it's a helpful tip...

Hope it's all going well.