Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25

Today we went into a colony with leprosy affected people. I saw some of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life today. When I first came I was afraid of some of the things we would do today, washing the lepers hands and feet.

The fist man whose feet I washed came and sat down and he didn't seem that thrilled to be there. But as I started to talk to him for a bit he seemed grateful and was sweet and then offered his hands to us and started smiling at us with his missing teeth.

I had brought some nail polish for this trip for the people, so then Megan and I started painting people's fingernails and they were so happy about it. Even a mom came up to us with her little baby boy and wanted us to paint his fingernails. Then one woman who we offered to paint her nails only had one toe on one foot and four on the other. She said to one of the translators, "why should I have them painted if I only have one?" Then we had him translate to her that it didn't matter that she didn't have all her fingernails, that it would still look pretty. When we were done painting the nails red, they all wanted red, she was so happy.

We also came across a man who was old and had no fingers and only a couple of toes, he was the happiest man, hugging all of us. He was laughing and saying "hallelujah" when we took a picture with him. Then the translator later told me what we said when we took a picture with him. He said, "I know Jesus must have told you a little old man needed his hands and feet washed. ' This made me so happy that I helped someone really in need of my help. It was so sad, yet rewarding to see him walk away with a smile on his face.

It was the greatest thing knowing we helped someone today.


david said...

thats way cool syd, it must feel so good to help people like that. keep it up, your awesome

Matt Hanson said...


What a great adventure! After this right of passage, you will clearly be ready to enter you fifth decade. You and your family are really doing something special for those people and I am jealous about your awesome experience.

Take care.
Matt and Nat

Karen M said...

Thanks for the notes David. I am sorry we were not able to respond while we were over there, we didn't get a chance to read them until we got home tonight. Check out the pictures now that we have some up. Thanks!

Karen M said...

Matt and Natalie, thanks for your note. I thought a bunch about you all while we are there. Your parents are incredible that they are going over there for 2 years. I am sure you all will get to go over with your kids. It will be the best experience of your lives. We miss you all!